This month we celebrate coffee (National Coffee Day is Sept 29th) - the amazing drink powering our days and inspiring our conversations for over a thousand years! (Yes, coffee is really that old, discovered in 11th century Ethiopia).

As we celebrate our love for coffee, I wanted to take an opportunity to connect with you, our customers (current and potential), and thank you for making this dream, this leap, possible!

Coffee for us is so much more than an amazing drink... it is the way we've chosen to try to make a difference in the world. You may have not realized, but each of our coffee origins has not been selected based solely on quality and flavor, but also to support the people behind it - and to ensure their efforts are increasingly recognized and rewarded. This has meant saying "no" to high-scoring Specialty coffees that were absolutely delicious and attractively priced, but that did not meet our "Ethically Sourced" criteria (Fair-Trade or higher prices paid to the farmers, supporting a Co-op or small group of small farmers, and grown under sustainable methods or certified Organic). Quality and price can't matter if we're supporting well-funded coffee farms only trying to "grow their business" - no matter how high the quality or price, this is not ethically sourced. Our buying power is the single most powerful weapon each of us (businesses and individuals) has - and if we use it thoughtfully, we can support - and build - the kind of world we want to live in... and those who are trying to build it!

Thank you for supporting us, at Ethos Roasters - wholeheartedly trying!

= Lisbeth

PS. Thank you for reading! If you made it this far, you deserve a discount code! Please use "BACK4COFFEE" at checkout for 10% off your entire order until Oct 29th!