Today, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, our hearts and our minds fill with overwhelming gratitude. We’re so grateful for this journey, for all the love, for all the lessons, and for this amazing opportunity to make a difference. Above all, we’re grateful for you!

We’re especially grateful to you today because it’s now been years (years!) since some of you first learned about us - and order after order, you’ve kept us learning, growing, and making a difference! In our endless search for more impact, perhaps we’ve discontinued a few of your old favorites… and you’ve been open to try -and fall in love with- new favorites! Perhaps we’ve made a mistake in your order, and you’ve given us an opportunity to make it right… and many more chances to roast for you again! You’ve generously taking the time to write a review, follow us, post pictures, share one of our posts, recommend us to your friends, or email us to say how much you loved your coffee! All these things matter. All these have kept us going. All these have led us here. You truly are the fuel that powers all our coffee roasting!

Thank you - from the bottom of our hearts - for the opportunity to keep roasting for you. Thank you for choosing to #BrewGreatness in the world every single day. We hope this Thanksgiving overwhelms you with gratitude and happiness,

-Jolian & Lisbeth

PS. This Thanksgiving, we’re focusing on the “giving” part - so we’re including a 🎁on all orders this week. Plus, this weekend (Fri-Sun) we’ll run our first THANKS-GIVING COFFEE SPECIAL - you can send a bag of Ethos ☕️ to anyone in the US for just $10! Finally, we’ll be posting pics and videos of our Roastery Experience on IG & FB so can all join us in spirit! ❤︎