A last Thank You...

Greetings from Colombia! This last day of the year, surrounded by gorgeous coffee plants and landscapes*, we're reminded of the moment, just 3 short years ago, when Ethos was just a dream! We set out to build the company of our dreams, and feel that so far, we've succeeded beyond our dreams - as we never thought we would find such an amazing group of like-minded people who also believe they can make an impact!

So, this last day of the year, we just wanted to say thank you... for making Ethos possible... and for believing - and living - this dream with us! We hope 2019 brings you the opportunity to realize all your dreams!

From the bottom of our hearts,

Jolian & Lisbeth 

* Please check our Instagram - @ethosroasters, we have Colombia pics and videos we're not able to share as a blog post or in an email.