I almost can’t contain my excitement as I’m writing this… there’s so many great news to share with you!!!

Sept 29th is National Coffee Day and we’re celebrating this year in more ways than ever:

(1) We’ll be kicking-off our National Coffee Month Special - featuring our 3 award-winning coffees at the 2018 Golden Bean North America Roasting Competition last weekend!: Poaquil, Crema, and Yirgacheffe (winning Bronze on Milk-Based, Espresso, and Pour-Over categories respectively). It’ll be available Sept 29th - Oct 29th (subscribers, we’ll plan on including these on your boxes this month, unless you have specific requests). This was our first time participating in the competition, and we decided to send these 3 coffees to get some good feedback on our roasting profiles with the new R-15. Honestly, we’re still fine-tuning our profiles, and aiming for that elusive “perfect roast” (please know we welcome your feedback and thoughts… as YOU are are ones we’re roasting for!), so to have all 3 of our submissions be awarded medals is just incredible! We truly owe it to the support of all of you who have made this journey - and this growth - possible… we’re deeply grateful and we’ll never stop searching for the most impactful, great-in-every-way coffees and doing our best to bring them to you as fresh as they get, and at the best value possible - that’s a promise!

(2) We’ll be giving away THREE TICKETS to Tampa Bay’s Coffee and Art Festival. You’ll get to taste lots of coffees from different craft roasters in the area and attend various educational panels on different topics… ours is called “Fair-Trade & Beyond: The Opportunity to Change the World through Coffee” - should be fun! Yet, back to the giveaway - the first ticket is for a lucky coffee subscriber (first subscriber to read this and email us - coffee@ethosroasters.com gets it!), a second ticket is for the awesome people who have liked our Facebook page, and a third ticket is for those following us on Instagram (FB and IG contests will run all day Sept 29th, and is as easy as commenting on a post… so please, please, follow us and participate… in both if you’d like 😉) AND

(3) We’ll be sponsoring & giving back at the Take Heart 5k - the largest fundraising event supporting Take Heart Africa - our amazing non-profit partner that supports widows & orphans in Kenya!

Finally, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your support who is what continues to make this journey possible… and I really don’t think I’ll ever get tired of thanking you (or feel so grateful and connected to all of you, even if we haven’t met!)… because you’re really part of your journey now… and in the end, that’s what human GREATNESS is all about - not just about finding, but about pursuing & supporting a purpose beyond ourselves - one seeking to make the difference we want to see in the world!



PS. We’re working on some great new additions, specials, and gifts for you for the Holidays… but I’ll leave that for the next post 😉!