National Coffee Day 2019

Celebrating Coffee Greatness

Happy National Coffee Day! Our very first blog/newsletter post - “Celebrating Coffee” - was exactly two years ago… and laid out our vision for what “Coffee Greatness” meant to us: to see beyond great taste… to wholeheartedly try to make the world a better place through coffee!

So, we would like to take this opportunity to ‘add’ Greatness to this coffee celebration - to highlight coffee is not just an amazing drink worth celebrating (which it absolutely is!), yet it also offers this incredible opportunity to seek ‘greatness’, to build a better world - a world where small coffee farmers have an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty, a world where their children can go to school every day, a world of coffee lovers that see beyond great taste and who care deeply about the impact - the ‘greatness’ - behind each cup.

Today we gratefully raise our cups celebrating the amazing privilege we get every single day… to get to Brew Greatness in the world through our favorite beverage in the world - coffee!

Thank you for Brewing Greatness in the world with us!

Jolian & Lisbeth

PS. New 2019 Crops of Cafe Femenino have arrived! Andes launched earlier this week, and a new Huehue Cafe Femenino launched earlier today. We had some logistic challenges getting our Poaquil this year - but our 4,500 lbs are finally expected to arrive this week! Plus, we have a couple of very special surprises for you - stay tuned on our FB and IG for special coverage on a visit by three Poaquil CoOp members to the roastery (they won an educational grant and will be joining our Ethos panel at Tampa Bay’s Coffee and Art Festival next Sat, Oct 5th, and staying with us for a few days!)…. and a special announcement on a very unique offering from their CoOp this year!