Happy 2019! | This is YOUR year!

We hope you’re having a great start to YOUR year! These first days of the year have truly flown by us, yet we wanted to take a moment and give you an update on our plans for 2019!

Our main goal this year is to make it YOUR year - to find ways to do more, and give more to you - the people that we get to roast for! We want to make sure you not just fall in love with the coffee - but with our mission to create opportunities for small farmers and with our vision of a world where no child has to sacrifice school (for a life in the coffee fields) to help their parents feed their siblings - that is our dream*! We know we can’t do it alone, and that for us to achieve that dream, we must become coffee worth sharing!

This year, we want to make sure we give you an experience worth sharing - worth sharing based on a particular coffee you love or a new tasting note you just identified… worth sharing based on the incredible aroma you get from a fresh roast… but mostly worth sharing because you can give other coffee lovers the opportunity to make a positive (social, environmental, life-changing) impact through something as seemingly small as the cup (or cups) of coffee we drink every day! And perhaps also worth sharing because of the related (bigger) conversation about how the largest impact we collectively have in the world is all about the things we buy (or don’t buy!) - as every purchase is a “vote” (with our dollars) for the world we want to see.

So we want to begin the year with a request - if there’s anything you’d like to see from us this year… please share! (💌coffee@ethosroasters.com)

We hope 2019 is YOUR year in every sense, and that it brings you the opportunity - and the courage - to pursue all your dreams,

Jolian & Lisbeth

* Yes, we’re big admirers of the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! Happy MLK Day!

PS. We just shared some photos and a video (on FB) from our Poaquil partners - they have some brand new coffee equipment thanks to YOU!

A last Thank You...

Greetings from Colombia! This last day of the year, surrounded by gorgeous coffee plants and landscapes*, we're reminded of the moment, just 3 short years ago, when Ethos was just a dream! We set out to build the company of our dreams, and feel that so far, we've succeeded beyond our dreams - as we never thought we would find such an amazing group of like-minded people who also believe they can make an impact!

So, this last day of the year, we just wanted to say thank you... for making Ethos possible... and for believing - and living - this dream with us! We hope 2019 brings you the opportunity to realize all your dreams!

From the bottom of our hearts,

Jolian & Lisbeth 

* Please check our Instagram - @ethosroasters, we have Colombia pics and videos we're not able to share as a blog post or in an email.


Today, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, our hearts and our minds fill with overwhelming gratitude. We’re so grateful for this journey, for all the love, for all the lessons, and for this amazing opportunity to make a difference. Above all, we’re grateful for you!

We’re especially grateful to you today because it’s now been years (years!) since some of you first learned about us - and order after order, you’ve kept us learning, growing, and making a difference! In our endless search for more impact, perhaps we’ve discontinued a few of your old favorites… and you’ve been open to try -and fall in love with- new favorites! Perhaps we’ve made a mistake in your order, and you’ve given us an opportunity to make it right… and many more chances to roast for you again! You’ve generously taking the time to write a review, follow us, post pictures, share one of our posts, recommend us to your friends, or email us to say how much you loved your coffee! All these things matter. All these have kept us going. All these have led us here. You truly are the fuel that powers all our coffee roasting!

Thank you - from the bottom of our hearts - for the opportunity to keep roasting for you. Thank you for choosing to #BrewGreatness in the world every single day. We hope this Thanksgiving overwhelms you with gratitude and happiness,

-Jolian & Lisbeth

PS. This Thanksgiving, we’re focusing on the “giving” part - so we’re including a 🎁on all orders this week. Plus, this weekend (Fri-Sun) we’ll run our first THANKS-GIVING COFFEE SPECIAL - you can send a bag of Ethos ☕️ to anyone in the US for just $10! Finally, we’ll be posting pics and videos of our Roastery Experience on IG & FB so can all join us in spirit! ❤︎

You're invited...

Fall is finally here! And we couldn’t be more excited about cooler weather, and of course, the upcoming Holiday season!!!

We’re planning our first “Roasting & Tasting Experience” on Nov 23 and 24 (yes, that’s the Friday and Saturday on Thanksgiving weekend), and are truly hoping that you join us if you can make it to Lakeland either of those days! You can sign up here (until Weds Nov 21), yet we’re keeping our sessions to a maximum of 10-12 people per session - so we can give you the best experience possible - and it is first-come, first-served… so please, please sign up early if you’d really like to join us!

We also have another surprise for you! Our new Red Swan Holiday Blend is almost ready to make its debut… and will be launching exactly a week before Thanksgiving, on Nov 15th! (Thanksgiving is our absolute favorite Holiday… so you may get an earlier blog/newsletter post next month 😉)

Thank you again so much for continuing to support us, and for each opportunity we get to roast for you, to continue to learn and get better for you, and for all the love we get every day on social media… we’re really having some fun there (particularly on Instagram). Please consider connecting with us, and sharing your awesome coffee pics and favorite methods! You truly inspire everything we do, so please keep the inspiration coming!

Super excited, grateful, and looking forward to seeing many of you at the roastery in a few weeks!

Jolian & Lisbeth


I almost can’t contain my excitement as I’m writing this… there’s so many great news to share with you!!!

Sept 29th is National Coffee Day and we’re celebrating this year in more ways than ever:

(1) We’ll be kicking-off our National Coffee Month Special - featuring our 3 award-winning coffees at the 2018 Golden Bean North America Roasting Competition last weekend!: Poaquil, Crema, and Yirgacheffe (winning Bronze on Milk-Based, Espresso, and Pour-Over categories respectively). It’ll be available Sept 29th - Oct 29th (subscribers, we’ll plan on including these on your boxes this month, unless you have specific requests). This was our first time participating in the competition, and we decided to send these 3 coffees to get some good feedback on our roasting profiles with the new R-15. Honestly, we’re still fine-tuning our profiles, and aiming for that elusive “perfect roast” (please know we welcome your feedback and thoughts… as YOU are are ones we’re roasting for!), so to have all 3 of our submissions be awarded medals is just incredible! We truly owe it to the support of all of you who have made this journey - and this growth - possible… we’re deeply grateful and we’ll never stop searching for the most impactful, great-in-every-way coffees and doing our best to bring them to you as fresh as they get, and at the best value possible - that’s a promise!

(2) We’ll be giving away THREE TICKETS to Tampa Bay’s Coffee and Art Festival. You’ll get to taste lots of coffees from different craft roasters in the area and attend various educational panels on different topics… ours is called “Fair-Trade & Beyond: The Opportunity to Change the World through Coffee” - should be fun! Yet, back to the giveaway - the first ticket is for a lucky coffee subscriber (first subscriber to read this and email us - coffee@ethosroasters.com gets it!), a second ticket is for the awesome people who have liked our Facebook page, and a third ticket is for those following us on Instagram (FB and IG contests will run all day Sept 29th, and is as easy as commenting on a post… so please, please, follow us and participate… in both if you’d like 😉) AND

(3) We’ll be sponsoring & giving back at the Take Heart 5k - the largest fundraising event supporting Take Heart Africa - our amazing non-profit partner that supports widows & orphans in Kenya!

Finally, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your support who is what continues to make this journey possible… and I really don’t think I’ll ever get tired of thanking you (or feel so grateful and connected to all of you, even if we haven’t met!)… because you’re really part of your journey now… and in the end, that’s what human GREATNESS is all about - not just about finding, but about pursuing & supporting a purpose beyond ourselves - one seeking to make the difference we want to see in the world!



PS. We’re working on some great new additions, specials, and gifts for you for the Holidays… but I’ll leave that for the next post 😉!

RE: In THE NEWS | Coffee drinkers live longer!

On our last 'Re: Summer Series', we wanted to cover a topic that seems to be perennially on the news... coffee & health. While there's a lot of information (and misinformation!) out there, the great news is that the latest (highly reputable, peer-reviewed) research seems to be on the side of coffee drinkers!

That's right. 'Coffee drinkers live longer' was the main conclusion of the most recent coffee study* in the latest issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). They followed a group of half a million people over 10 years and analyzed the relationship between coffee drinking habits and mortality, and found coffee drinkers (even those drinking over 8 cups a day!) died at a statistically-significant lower rate than those who didn't drink any coffee. This was also true for Decaf coffee drinkers, suggesting the non-caffeinated components in coffee are responsible for the effect (something that would make a lot of sense, if you consider that is mostly phytochemical antioxidants!). If you'd like to get into the details, here's the link to the study. And while the scientist in us is really excited... we must also point out that this was an observational study... which means we can not prove that drinking coffee will actually add a few years to your life... but we can always have fun trying! (and make a difference!)

Jolian & Lisbeth

PS. A few news of our own - we recently received a "cease-and-desist" letter from another Florida roaster who had apparently registered a Trademark for "Florida Cold Brew"... so we'll be temporarily out of a Cold Brew Blend offering (alternatively, we'll be more clearly identifying some great single-origins for Cold Brewing... i.e. Poaquil & Huehue!). On a more positive note, the new roaster has given us some amazing flavor profiles, and more flexibility to do lighter roasts... we're working on our first-ever Holiday Blend that will highlight this new capability (i.e. a mix of lighter-roasted and darker-roasted coffees to balance vibrant and bold flavors) - we would love to hear your NAME ideas!!!

Finally, on an even more positive note, we have some news from our Poaquil Co-Op! Coffee growers from the whole region are meeting next month, and they'll be sharing with them their "success story" with us!!! They also said they'll try to do a video message for all of you who have (and continue to make) this all possible! Stay tuned :)


*Loftfield E, Cornelis MC, Caporaso N, Yu K, Sinha R, Freedman N. Association of Coffee Drinking With Mortality by Genetic Variation in Caffeine Metabolism: Findings From the UK Biobank. JAMA Intern Med.2018;178(8):1086–1097. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2018.2425

RE: COLD BREWING! | It's COOL chemistry + our recipe!

Summer is definitely here! And, while we still think the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is the best smell in the world to wake up to... we must admit a cup of Cold Brew on the rocks is our favorite way to cool off! So, we wanted to share with you some of our 'secret' knowledge acquired through lots of research & experimentation (a.k.a. "plant watering batches")... and hopefully give you all the tips & insights you need to make the absolute best Cold Brew at home!

First things first... what exactly is Cold Brew? The name (kind of) gives it away... it's coffee brewed with cold water, over extended periods of time. Please note, this is very different from hot-brewed coffee served over ice (that's Iced Coffee!). What makes Cold Brew so different is that cold brewing over (relatively) long periods of time favors the extraction of specific components, while hot brewing methods tend to extract all soluble components. Why? Because the solubility of different components is largely determined by temperature. Caffeine, for example, is only slightly soluble (~1-2 g/100 mL) in cold water, yet fairly soluble in hot water (~65 g/100 mL). Naturally occurring phenolic acids are also significantly more soluble in hot water (which means very little acidity on cold brews!)... yet sugars and larger components (responsible for sweetness & body) are still soluble provided enough time (but be careful... too much time and you'll begin extracting bitter components)!

Now that you understand the chemistry... it's time to have some fun making it! (we promise is a lot easier than understanding all that chemistry!). Here's our step-by-step Cold Brew recipe:

1. Mix 40 oz spring water (~5 cups) for every 8 oz of coarsely ground coffee

2. Steep for 14-18 hours under refrigeration (we commonly do 16 hours, but you can do up to 20 hours if you like a stronger brew)

3. Dilute up to 1:1 with ice/milk/water & enjoy (you'll have enough for 12 large cups) 

4. Keep refrigerated and consume within a week (8-oz batch is perfect for 1-2 people drinking 1-2 cups a day!)

Some of our favorite origins to Cold Brew are Central and South Americans... our Florida Cold Brew Blend is actually a mix of two Guatemalan beans at a medium-dark roast level, and was the 'winning' combination in our taste tests (and our best-selling Cold Brew at the farmer's market!).

Happy Cold Brewing!

Jolian & Lisbeth

PS. The new R15 roaster is finally up and running... and we couldn't be happier, or more eager to share it with all of you... watch out for pics/videos in our Instagram and Facebook over the next few weeks... and monthly tours/tastings starting in Sept! (sign-ups available online Sept 1st!). We're also working on some AMAZING new additions (including our first-ever Holiday blend!)

RE: FRESHNESS! | Why it matters? How can you keep your coffee fresh?

Summer is here! And we wanted to welcome it by launching our "RE:" Summer Series - i.e. posts intended to increase your coffee knowledge and bring your coffee experience to a whole new level! They're inspired by questions we frequently get... and we hope you'll help us keep them relevant and interesting by suggesting new topics!

This first one is on a topic we're particularly obsessed about - FRESHNESS! It is perhaps one of the most important quality attributes in coffee, and a major predictor of both aroma and flavor intensity! Why? Because the chemical reactions responsible for coffee aroma and flavor are the same that happen in baking (ever compared a freshly baked loaf of bread with one that's been sitting in your pantry for a week?) - the Maillard reaction (between amino acids and reducing sugars) and Caramelization (the thermal breakdown of sugar). It is these two 'non-enzymatic browning' reactions that transform green coffee components into delicious nutty, chocolatey, 'freshly roasted' aromas & flavors in our coffee beans! We've included links to their Wikipedia pages, for those who'd like to have some fun looking at the chemistry! (I actually had to memorize all the chemical steps for both of these for my PhD Qualifying Exams... they're THAT important... and also responsible for flavor in any food product that's baked, cooked, roasted, browned, dried, etc.... but I digress!).

Now, the tricky part is that all of the aromas (which are also key to certain flavors) formed in these reactions are volatile... which means they're lost over time. In roasted coffee, this loss is exacerbated by the natural "de-gassing" process, i.e. the release of carbon dioxide that has been trapped within the bean's cell structures during the last roasting stages, and slowly released for months after roasting. And while there's nothing we can do to stop this... there are some ways you can keep your coffee fresh longer!

The first is to BUY FRESH! - using your beans within a month of the roasting date will always give you the best experience! You can expect mild flavor changes after 6-8 weeks, and pronounced changes after 4-5 months (yet we hope your beans won't ever last you that long!). The second is to  GRIND FRESH - keeping your coffee beans "whole" means less surface area will be exposed to air...  leaving those delicious aromas "trapped" inside the beans for much longer! And the third is to KEEP COOL (but not in the fridge!) - keeping your beans in a cool (air conditioned), dark place (i.e. your pantry) and in a tightly sealed bag (i.e. the bag we ship to you is specially designed to keep your coffee fresh... only make sure the zipper is always tightly sealed!) will slow down de-gassing, and protect against flavor oxidation! Placing your coffee bag inside an airtight container will also provide some extra protection! Please don't place in the fridge or the freezer - as this will accelerate the de-gassing process (and your beans may 'absorb' some of the aromas/flavors of the other foods in your fridge).

Thank you so much for reading... we hope this was interesting & helpful... and please email us if you have any ideas/questions for our next "RE:" post!


PS. Quick update on the R15 roaster... we finally got the electrical upgrade project approved, and the new panel was installed on our building last Friday... and are expecting Lakeland Electric to connect our new power as soon as this week!!!