Arusha | Papua New Guinea | ORGANIC BEANS


Arusha | Papua New Guinea | ORGANIC BEANS

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Earthy and rich, with intense dark chocolate and caramel notes and subtle hints of apple on the finish.

Process: Washed

Varietal: Arusha

Region: Kamano-Kainantu Districts, Papua New Guinea

Roast level: Dark (Full City+ Roast)


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Why love it?
Farmed by the Timuza Coffee Cooperative, this coffee represents about 260 small-holder farmers - each owning less than 1.5 hectares per family - members of the Kamano group, based on southwestern Kainantu. The soils in this region are a mix of black and red loam, and coffee trees are grown under albizia shade trees, typically next to adjacent food crop gardens of sweet potato, taro, and cassava. The Cooperative provides training and assistance in matters of financial management, coffee cultivation, gender equality, and standards for processing and commercialization. Cherries are selectively harvested (based on ripeness), manually pulped, fermented in traditional bilum bags, fully washed, and sun-dried on patios. They placed 1st in the National Cupping Competition in 2016.

Medium-dark roasts showcase this coffee's complexity and chocolate notes, and are great for pour-overs, drip, and Aeropress. Dark roasts are bolder are more earthy, and shined on drip & french press.