MAYAN DECAF | Mexico | Water Processed


MAYAN DECAF | Mexico | Water Processed

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A mellow, smooth, balanced cup, with strong notes of molasses and a creamy finish. Beans are were decaffeinated using water (the most uncommon and only solvent-free process in the industry, and used in less than 5% of Decaf coffee beans in the world!)

Bean Process: Washed | Decaf Process: Mountain Water Decaf

Varietal: Typica

Region: Oaxaca, Mexico

Cooperative: UNECAFE (Certified Fair-Trade & Organic)

Roast level: Medium-Dark (Full City roast)

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Why love it?
This coffee comes from the UNECAFE co-op, an acronym for “Ecological Union for the Oaxacan Coffee Sector”. It’s an association of small coffee producers founded in 2011, and run by members of the Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, and Chinanteco indigenous groups in the Papaloapan region in the state of Oaxaca. Over 40% of its members are women. It was decaffeinated in Veracruz, Mexico, using only water as the medium to extract 99.9% of caffeine (this is the only solvent-free process, and is used in less than 5% of decafs in the market).

Light and medium roasts accentuate its fruitiness and are delicious in pour-overs, french press, drip, and espressos. Darker roasts are recommended for Cold Brew decaf!