ADIESTO Co-Op | Huehuetenango, Guatemala | COLD BREW PICK!


ADIESTO Co-Op | Huehuetenango, Guatemala | COLD BREW PICK!

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A delightful cup with strong chocolate notes and a citrus finish. Complex and well-balanced, this is the perfect morning cup! It also comes from our favorite coffee-growing region in Guatemala... "Huehue" (pronounced “wae-wae”), as locally known!

Process: Washed

Varietal: Red Bourbon with some Catuai and Caturra

Region: San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Cooperative: ADIESTO (Certified Fair-Trade & Organic)

Roast level: Medium-Dark (Full City roast)

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Why love it?
This coffee comes from the Association for the Integral Development of the Toneca people (ADIESTO in Spanish), an organization of small coffee producers from the mountainous San Antonio Huista region in Huehuetenango, created to promote sustainable practices in the region. They provide technical and credit assistance for their members and assist them on producing and finding market opportunities for their high quality coffee under the principles of equity, solidarity and sustainability. They currently have over 500 members, about a third of which are women.

Very versatile, and delicious in COLD BREW, pour-overs, drip, french press, and aeropress. A perfect morning cup, or a refreshing afternoon treat you'll keep coming back to!