KENYA AA | Kenya


KENYA AA | Kenya

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An “AA” bean (Kenya’s highest quality designation) from the Kirinyaga region, known for its floral and delicate cups, some of the highest quality and complexity within Kenya. Expect floral, citric acidity and caramelized sugars and a heavy mouthfeel. A unique, complex, delightful Kenyan!

Process: Washed | Dried on raised beds

Varietals: SL28, SL34

Region: Kirinyaga, Kenya

Farmed by: Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society

Roast level: Full Medium (City+ Roast)

Special thanks to the inspiring team at Take Heart Africa who connected us to their Kenya-based members and helped us make a more informed sourcing decision!

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Why love it?
Most Kenyan farmers tend small plots, growing as few as 150 coffee trees trees. They bring their coffee cherries to the factory for sorting and processing as soon as it is picked. There, coffee is depulped, then fermented underwater for 15–24 hours before being washed three times and spread on drying tables for 6–16 days. This particular lot comes from Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society, which operates the Nguguini Factory, founded in 1958. There are about 1,200 contributing members, each growing coffee alongside other crops.

The factory's participating members are assisted by field workers who train and provide advice on pruning, weeding, spraying, applying fertilizer and mulch, and granting other technical advice. Their coffee is sold by auction at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, which has ensured very strong coffee prices for Kenyan farmers, as coffee is sold to the highest bidder based on quality. In this system, prices of highly sought-after coffees can soar, as agents work to outbid each other on the coffees that are available.

Shines in Pour-Overs, Drip, and full-immersion methods (French Press, Syphon, Aeropress).