Kivu | Nyamyumba, Rwanda | ORGANIC BEANS


Kivu | Nyamyumba, Rwanda | ORGANIC BEANS

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Last few pounds! A pleasantly rich and complex dark roast with notes of rhubarb, berries, and black molasses.

Process: Washed

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Region: Nyamyumba, Rwanda

Roast level: Medium-Dark (Full City Roast)


*** 2-lb and 5-lb sizes only offered as WHOLE BEAN to keep freshness***

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Why love it?
This coffee comes from the COOPAC cooperative, established in 2001 in the mountainous Gisenyi region of Lake Kivu. Its focus is on leveraging the outstanding natural resources of the region to produce the highest quality coffee for the Specialty market, as to achieve higher returns for their collective efforts and contribute to better opportunities for all members. The cooperative was able to build and now runs their own environmentally-friendly washing stations that capture coffee processing byproducts to use as fertilizer, and (most importantly) preventing them from washing into the beautiful Lake Kivu. It is currently promoting and providing shade trees and agro-forestry education to all its member so they can adopt strict Organic practices. Their Fair-Trade premiums and community initiatives have so far enabled in the construction of schools, health-care clinics, roads and bridges as well as local women and youth development programs.

An incredibly versatile coffee that showcases well from medium to dark roasts, and under various extraction methods. Particularly well-suited for pour-overs, french press, drip, and aeropress.