Pitalito | Huila, Colombia (Limited Edition)

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Pitalito | Huila, Colombia (Limited Edition)

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A well-balanced, citrus-forward, deliciously sweet cup from Huila - one of the top growing regions in Southwest Colombia. This coffee was grown at about 5600 ft above sea level and fermented for 24 hours before drying in parabolic beds - leading to a more complex cup with strong citrus and honey notes and a remarkably clean finish!

Process: Washed, Sun-dried on parabolic beds

Varietal: Caturra

Region: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Cooperative: ASOBOMBO (certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance)

Roast level: Medium (City+ Roast)

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Why love it?
This coffee is produced by ‘Grupo Asociativo El Bombo” (ASOBOMBO), an amazing group of 60 smallholders in the Huila department that joined forces to seek better prices for their coffees, and work together for a more sustainable future, and to preserve the fertile valley (Valle de Laboyos) that yields amazing coffee every year! After a 3-year-long process, all their farms are now certified Organic by USDA and the EU. They are an excellent example of small coffee producers joining forces to attain - as a group - what several of them had tried yet failed to accomplish independently for a very long time: economic sustainability through better prices for their high-quality coffee.

This coffee is very well-balanced and versatile. It shined on Drip, Pour-Overs, French Press, and Aeropress.