POAQUIL | Chimaltenango, Guatemala | Our most impactful coffee & Cold Brew pick!


POAQUIL | Chimaltenango, Guatemala | Our most impactful coffee & Cold Brew pick!

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Our most impactful coffee yet! This coffee comes from "Cooperativa La Asuncion", a women-led cooperative that's doing a fantastic job producing some of the best high-altitude washed coffees in the region. Expect strong dark chocolate and cocoa notes and a balanced, full-bodied experience. This is our third year directly sourcing this coffee, and quality just keeps getting better! An outstanding 88-pt coffee this year!

Process: Washed

Varietal: Red & Yellow Bourbon

Region: Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Roast level: Medium-Dark (Full City Roast)

*** 2-lb and 5-lb sizes only offered as WHOLE BEAN to keep freshness***

*** Farmers were paid 3 times the market price for this coffee - going well beyond Fair-Trade standards. While this coffee is not certified Organic, the Ethos team was able to see first-hand that the Cooperative has excellent biological pest controls, and does not employ pesticides. We look forward to continue to support them until they can afford the cost of Certification.

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Why love it?
This is our most impactful coffee yet! This is our third year working with Cooperativa La Asuncion, in the small town of Poaquil, Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The Cooperative has grown from less than 10 to over 30 members, each of whom owns and works their own small plot of land. The premiums we pay go directly to them! Coffee production drives the local economy, and for the first time, we're sourcing a whole pallet of coffee! Poaquil is a very small town, predominantly of Mayan descent, and full of incredibly hard-working people! We can't wait to see the impact and transformation our long-term relationship will bring to the town - higher coffee profits means more resources in the town to invest in more nutritious food, better schools, better healthcare, and a better future for children!

Extremely versatile and delicious in a variety of methods! Medium to dark roasts are flavorful and full-bodied. AMAZING COLD BREWED!!!