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Ethos Roasters is a craft roastery committed to product excellence and ethical sourcing. Based in Lakeland, FL.


At Ethos Roasters we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality coffee beans shipped directly from our roastery to your doorstep. We don't -and will never- have a roasted coffee inventory, so we can provide you with the FRESHEST and absolute best coffee experience - always shipped to you just hours after roasting. 

Our definition of coffee "greatness" goes well beyond taste & freshness - and extends to the story and impact behind each bean, to our scientific approach to roasting, and to our personalized attention to every order.

Our passion for coffee is only surpassed by our passion for making a difference in the lives of small coffee farmers, and in the world - thank you for the opportunity to roast for you, and for choosing to BREW GREATNESS!



132 Lake Beulah Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33815


Sat 8 am-1 pm @ Lakeland Downtown Farmer's Market (Order by 10 am FRIDAY with code "MARKET" | 5-oz coffee bonus on any $30+ order!)

July 21 is our last market this season! We'll be back Sept  1 - in the mean time...

Our Story.

 Ethos affiliated farmers drying coffee beans before shipping.

Ethos affiliated farmers drying coffee beans before shipping.


The word “ethos” – which means essence, spirit, and fundamental values -- comes from the ancient Greek word ΗΘΟΣ. In latin languages, ethos is expressed as the “distinctive character that defines you," and is the root of the word “ethics”. Our favorite definition is “a manifestation of beliefs and aspirations” - because it is through our belief-inspired actions that we make an impact on our world. Our name is a promise to always live up to our greatest aspirations.

Ethos is a company that embodies these aspirations - we start by sourcing the best, most socially-impactful and environmentally-friendly coffee beans available, roasting them with precision, and shipping them as soon as they are roasted. This is our promise. This is our way to elevate your coffee experience, while supporting the farmers that make it possible and making the world a better place.


We grew up in coffee-growing regions - Colombia & Guatemala - and independently fell in love with coffee at an early age. Jolian grew up in Colombia’s “Eje Cafetero” (“coffee-lands”), literally surrounded by coffee farms - and farmers! As for Lisbeth, since the moment she tasted “cafe con leche” for the first time in Guatemala City, as a toddler, has never looked back! Our paths crossed a few decades later, in the beautiful Sunshine State, where we connected over a shared, strong passion for doing something that would make an important difference in the lives of others - particularly those in the poorest regions in the world. About a decade later, and after getting our doctorate degrees in the areas of food, nutrition, and health, we decided it was time to try! And of course, we decided to start with a product we felt passionate about - and which happens to grow in some of the neediest areas in the world: coffee!

We truly believe that aiming for coffee greatness at every step of the way - and particularly by supporting small farmer cooperatives that focus on quality and sustainability - we can offer coffee beans that not only delight, but also transform lives. Thank YOU for making it possible, and for the privilege of being your roasters!



Is to create one of the most impactful, people-centered companies in the world. We will always strive to make a difference in the lives of farmers, and customers - by combining high quality, social impact, and environmental consciousness into the best coffee experience (dollar for dollar) money can buy!


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132 Lake Beulah Dr.
Lakeland, FL, 33801